Will you be my Valentine?

Currently, I am seated on the comfy white sofa in Alicia’s bedroom. The rest of the Pretty Committee are scattered all over her bedroom, updating their own blogs. I tap my nails against my laptop’s keyboard, while Alicia types away on her iMac. Kristen is comfortably lying on her stomach on Alicia’s bed with her iPad in front of her. Claire is curled up in her sleeping bag, seizing her iPod on one hand and typing with the other. I lick the frosting off the vanilla cupcake before continuing to type this post.


TPC walked out of the Rivera’s car. Our steps were synchronized and rhythmic. The breeze blew our hair softly as we made our way into the bowling alley.

4 well-dressed guys turned their heads–breaking their conversation–to glance at us. I recognized two of the guys: Harry Styles and Cam Fisher. One of the guys I didn’t recognize looked directly into me eyes and smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back coyly. I assumed he was one of Cam and Harry’s (single) mutual friends Alicia told us about. Apparently, she didn’t want Kristen and I to feel lonely.

Cam Fisher wrapped his arm around Clair’s shoulder once we approached the group of guys. Alicia let her hand brush against Harry Styles’ hand lightly. Kristen and I stood there awkwardly, waiting for someone to break the silence.

“Hey there,” said Harry with a cocky grin.

“Hi,” giggled Alicia, intertwining her fingers with Harry’s.

Claire whispered something to Cam as she loosened his scarf.

“Oh, sorry,” he replied as Alicia and Harry exchanged flirty glances.”That’s Blake Connor.” Cam gestured to the brown-eyed guy that smiled at me earlier. “And that, is Riley Kemp,” continued Cam, gesturing to the guy who stood between Blake and Kristen. He had denim-coloured eyes and jet black hair. I ran my fingers through my hair as Cam introduced us to eachother.

“So, are we going to bowl, or what?” asked Riley, “I see you ladies have your bowling shoes on already.”

We picked the lane on the far right-side, since it was the farthest lane from the door, which would help us avoid paparazzi.

Kristen was the first one to bowl. She held a neon green bowling ball and got into position.

“Watch this,” she said, as she rolled the ball. We all cheered as the pins fell down, except for the two in the middle.



“Go Kris!”

“Wait for it…” said Kristen, as one of the two pins shook and collided.

My jaw dropped. “Mental power ability thing,” I mumbled.

“I bet,” chuckled Blake.

“SPARE!” Kristen threw her arms in the air as she knocked down the last pin.

“Show off,” teased Alicia.

“Think you can do better?” asked Kristen, raising an eyebrow.

“I know I can,” Blake jumped into their conversation.

“All right, then,” said Kristen in a competitive tone.

Blake picked up a bowling bowl. “Watch and learn,” he said, getting into the wackiest position possible. He half-threw the bowling bowl, almost flying down the lane with it. But he didn’t… because he dropped it on his foot. All 7 of us laughed; Kristen’s cackle stood out the most. I covered mouth with my hand as I shook with laughter. I looked up at Blake, who eventually joined us laughing.

“And that’s how the pros do it,” said Blake, taking a bow.

His eyes met mine as I laughed. He smiled at me.

I could tell this was going to be a great day.


The eight of us walked around Westchester after bowling, recapping the best parts of today and getting to know each other better.

“It’s so coooold!” I moaned.

“No worries,” Blake replied, taking my hand and pulling me towards Starbucks. We both walked out with one caramel macchiato each.


Harry, Cam, Kristen, Alicia, Riley and Harry looked at us in disbelief.

“Oi! We get cold, too!” complained Riley.

“Even under all those layers, mate?” asked Blake sarcastically, poking Riley’s puffy jacket.

Alicia and Claire stepped closer to their dates. They obviously didn’t need the warmth of coffee when they could cuddle with their dates.

We continued walking around Westchester, talking on our way to wherever we’d end up at. A few paparazzi popped out every now and then, but I must say, they did a good job respecting our territory.


The Pretty Committee headed to Alicia’s after finding our way back to the bowling alley–where our cars were parked– and waving good-bye to eachother (Or, in the case of Alicia and Claire, kissing our Valentines goodbye,).

Alicia–being the amazing hostess she is–organized a fabulous Valentine’s Day sleepover. The theme was My Sweet, Sweet, Sweetheart. Her room was filled with Bath & Body Works’ Frosted Cupcake candles, which filled the room with a delicious vanilla-flavored cake batter aroma. It was topped with the sweet appetizing scent of buttercream. We didn’t have to visualize what the candle would look like if it were a cupcake, because Alicia served us a range of different flavored cupcakes from Red Velvet Cupcakery.

Speaking of sweet, I think I’ve got a sweet tooth for Blake Connor.


I quickly conclude this post so I can get vengeance on Kristen, who just smeared frosting all over my nose.




Lovely Massie Block

Amna Bint A

The Alpha In England

Alicia Leesh

The Alpha In England is looking for clique members for both The Pretty Committee and M.A.S.S.I.E. (An original clique).

Want to know more? Click here.




6 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine?

  1. Hello, Dylan!
    EMG, Blake seems like such a sweetie; I’d definitely have a sweet tooth for him, too! Your evening sounds like it was a total blast! Wreak vengeance upon Kristen! Haha!

    Thanks for the shoutout about the clique, here’s hoping I’ll get some applications soon!

    So glad you’re in my clique, girlie!

    Your alpha in England,
    Massie Block

  2. Dyl,

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day!
    It’s sounds like you had a fantastic day with everyone, especially Blake 😉 He sounds gorgeous.
    I hope you too become a couple because you would be so cute together! 🙂

    Good Luck :p

    – MBPCA

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