Je m’appelle…

Bonjour, mes beautés. Currently, I am arrayed in my satin Betsey Johnson PJs, with a comfy Oscar De La Renta sleepwear robe layered on top. I continue typing this post as I listen to the harmony of the drizzle. A few raindrops hit the window, then drop off onto the window sill, splashing into the puddle of rain which now covers Westchester.


Hello, my name is…”

Je m’appelle…”

Me llamo…”

More often that not, it is the first sentence we learn in languages. ( I did not mean to sound like Kristen. But hey, we need to speak French fluently –or at least pretend to– if we do not want to sound like tourists in Paris.)

Our names. Something people use more than we do. It is our identité.

Names, names, names. When was the last time you heard the name “Crow” and thought of a graceful swan? Exactly. It doesn’t quite give you that impression–does it? What impression does your name give?

Well, here on WordPress, your blog name is what you are generally referred to as. You’re also prone to using your blog name (or something similar) as your name and alias.

Your blog name might also affect your blog in its own way.
For example, I highlight words in red because of my URL, RedDylanMarvil.

That, my Dyl-ectables, is why choosing the right URL is crucial.

I was somewhat aware of the value of a blog’s name when I created my blog. Most of these factors were running around in my head… although I ignored most of them.

I‘m a rather assured person, and thought of my blog’s URL quite swiftly:RedDylanMarvil. However, when it came to actually typing my blog’s name in the “Blog Address” field, another name popped up in my head: DylanMarvilous/DylanMarvelous (I didn’t really think about the variations)

Which one should I take? Rebecca Black’s voice echoed in my head.

I love my red hair, I thought, and BigRedHead is my AIM username.

But I star in my family’s reality show, The Marvelous Marvils.

Most of my energy was drained and I was more than ready to jump into bed. I seriously couldn’t be bothered to debate over anything. I carelessly went with my first intuition.

I must say, I’m rather happy with my choice. Well done, sleepy me.



This was my submission for the third Dear WordPress task. I can’t believe I managed to squeeze all of them in before the deadline, considering how busy I am/was/will be.



(See what I mean?)


4 thoughts on “Je m’appelle…

  1. Heyy, Dylan!
    I loved reading about the history behind your blog name! How creative! 🙂

    Your alpha,
    Massie Block

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