Wake up, Bedhead.

Currently, my nails are coated with YSL’s Beige Leger nail lacquer. Yesterday’s drizzle has turned into sheets of rain that pelted windows, knocked on car roofs and drummed against the ground as the heavy drops bounced up, and splashed down into puddles.

dividers-1A pillow flew from across the room and hit me in the face. I groaned, finally awake. I turned up my sleep-mask.

Wake up, Bedhead!” said Ryan, who’s hair was in a perfect messy bun.

Wha-a-at?” I moaned, rubbing my eyes, as I slowly straightened my back against my headboard.

Ryan and Jaime exchanged knowing glances. Jaime giggled as she curled up on my neon pink armchair. It contrasted beautifully with her baby blue cotton sleep tee.

A mischievous grin formed on their faces , right before they spilled whatever it was that couldn’t wait until I was awake.

You got the part!” they squealed in unison.

I ripped the sleep mask off my head, “Eeeeeeeeeepp!” I squealed, hopping out of my bed and squeezing my sisters into a group hug.

They wrapped their arms around me. I smiled. This was the first proper hug we had in a while. I let out a chuckle as I remembered how silly my sisters acted when they were fighting over Jamie’s crush.



BigRedHead: Got the part!

The message was sent to TPC’s AIM group as I raced downstairs with my iPhone in hand.
It was 5 AM, but I was wide awake. I couldn’t sleep since my sisters spilled the news two hours ago. My mom told my sisters that I got the part two hour after she came home (around midnight).

I walked into the dining room to find Ryan and Jamie already there. Jamie opened one of the cabinets and pulled out a huge bowl. Ryan pulled out a chair and stood on it, trying to reach the top cabinet. She finally managed to wrap her fingers around the knob, and pulled it open. She grabbed a breakfast cake mix and jumped off the chair, landing on her feet gracefully.

“You know what we haven’t done in a while?” asked Jamie.

The three of us smiled at each other, obviously thinking the same thing. We laughed.

“This should be good,” I laughed. We were all aware of the terrible, unexperienced er, ‘amazing’ cooks we are.

“But we’re doing this gluten free,” said Jamie, knocking the cake mix box out of Ryan’s hand, sending it flying across the room. We pledged to start a gluten free diet this morning.

We printed off a recipe online and did our best to follow it, while upbeat music played softly in the background–after all, we did not want to wake up Mom, now, did we?

She’s not afraid of all the attention,” hummed Ryan as she whisked the cake batter.

She’s not afraid of running wild,” belted out Jamie as she poured 3/4 of the gluten-free sprinkles we smuggled into our home yesterday. Mom would kill us if she found out.

How come she’s so afraid of falling in lo-o-o-o-ove,” I sang as I drummed my hands against the floating  counter-top.I cherished every second of this morning. Normally, my sisters and I would feel slightly uncomfortable eating around each other; we usually end up pointing out all of our insecurities. But not today. It was a morning to (secretly,shhhh.) celebrate.

Ryan started dancing and whisking to the beat of the music. She suddenly gasped. Jamie and I paused and turned around to see that a few drops of cake batter were slowly sliding down the wall. The atmosphere froze. It thawed back once the three of us burst into laughter.


I checked my phone one last time before indulging my breakfast.
I had 32 notification, most of which I ignored; 3 of them were AIM notifcations, all from the Pretty Committee,

SexySportsBabe:MSP x2!


Clairbear: EhMaGawd!

I smiled, sliding my David Yurman ring on my ring finger.

I heard a honk, and knew my carpool was here.

“Bye!” I announced to no one in particular before stepping into the Rivera family’s limo.

“Heeey,” greeted Leesh, “Emma Stone, right?”

I let out a chuckle. “Even better,’ I flipped my hair over my shoulder, “Dylan Marvil.”

dividers-1The limo was overflowing with questions and gratulatory as soon as we picked up the rest of TPC.

“Eh…Ma…Gawd,” I uttered, pausing between every syllable.

The girls went quiet, until Alicia finally broke the silence.

“What?” she asked, curiously.

Blake Connor!” I chirped, showing them the text he sent me.

‘Congrats on getting the part, Dylan!’

“How’d he find out?” I mumbled, loud enough for everyone else to hear. Kristen, Claire and I all turned around to face Alicia. I raised an eyebrow.

“Oops…” winked Alicia.


To be continued…




I know this post isn’t one of my best. This month has been quite hectic and it has been very difficult to get my creative juices flowing.

I meant to mention this in my Valentine’s post, but totally forgot about it. The reason Massie wasn’t included in my Valentine’s post, but Claire was, is because I am now (proudly) a part of The Alpha in England‘s clique. In her roleplay scheme, Massie is in England with her “British Clique” and Alicia finally becomes the alpha of the Pretty Committee.

Speaking of TAIE, she’s still looking for clique members. Click here to learn more.

I also just realised there is something terribly wrong with my theme. It looked fine on my Macbook, but I could see the mess it was when I viewed RDM on a 23″ LCD. This is so embarassing :$ I hope it doesn’t look terrible on your screens.

Also, expect a blog makeover soon.




4 thoughts on “Wake up, Bedhead.

  1. Hello, Dylan!
    Ehmagawsh, congrats x10!!! I’m so happy for you! You SO need to email me a video of your performance! Don’t have too much fun without me, hun! 😉

    Your alpha in England,
    Massie Block

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