Dear WordPress – Round 2

Currently, I rest on my taupe sofa, adorned in silky Juicy pyjamas. A steaming cup of herbal tea sits on my coffee table as my manicured nails tap against my Macbook’s keyboard.


Thousands of stories have been written about starting something new. Numerous movies are based on that hesitant person starting a new job, school or life.

What if I told you I was one of those uncertain amateurs? Crazy, right? Not so much.

I was so hesitant about starting RDM. When I created it, I felt somewhat lost. It’s not my first blog, so I knew how to get around, but every story has to have an issue, and so does mine.

I did not know any Clique Bloggers. I felt like I was the only one reading my posts. When I published my first post (read it here) , I had intentions of meeting Clique bloggers and being part of that part of WordPress. I commented on blogs. I made them as detailed as I could. I left my URL at the end, hoping maybe, just maybe, someone might stumble upon my blog and perhaps pop this solitude bubble I seemed to be trapped in.

A day or two after creating RDM, LovelyMassieBlock pulled me towards the path I had lost. She added me to WordPress Alphas, an AIM group which continues to introduce me to legendary bloggers.

I met 90 other bloggers that roleplayed just like I did. Someone was always online. Someone was always willing to answer any question I’d ask.

I could ask them how my makeover looks like, and they’d give me a genuine answer. We’d discuss face claims and plots. We’d chat casually and get a good laugh out of it.

I met the bloggers I now call my friends.

I was a part of this community. This great community. This community I belonged to. I felt ever so welcomed.



This was my entry for the third task of the second round of Dear WordPress. This is not the second part of continuation of “Wake up, Bedhead!”,  although that’ll be my next post.





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