Eyes On Us

Currently,  I am seated on the classy-boho chair on our patio , embracing the lovely weather, as I lip synch to the songs that sound through my headphones.My hair cascades down my back in loose red waves which I can’t help but twirl on my finger every now and then.

dividers-1What’s that on your straw?” asked Kristen, squinting at my iced Starbucks drink. The weather was finally warm enough for an iced drink, but still cool enough for a hot cup or two.

“Wha?” I asked, looking at my green straw. My lips parted as I cupped my left cheek softly. A small, slightly confused smile formed on my face.

A mini “cute-sized” bottle was hanging from my straw. A message was secured inside of it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t puzzled.

I unclipped the tiny bottle from my straw, popped the cork off and gave it a shake. The tiny piece of parchment rolled into my palm. I unrolled it as TPC looked over my shoulder in curiosity.  I squinted as I read the note.

For the girl who stole my heart

“Awww,” cooed Alicia, Kristen, and Claire.

I blushed softly.


Alicia, Kristen, Claire and I discussed who could have placed the bottle on my straw as we weaved our way to table eighteen.

“Well, who’s heart did you steal?” asked Alicia (with sarcasm in her voice), in attempts of finding out who was behind the note.

“No one?” I answered,confused,furrowing my eyebrows; I eventually let out a loud giggle.

“Listen up, girlies,” gleamed Alicia, closing our previous conversation as we took our seats at table eighteen.

Kristen, Claire and I leaned in, eager to hear the latest gossip. We all knew Alicia’s pre-gossip voice, and that was it.

“You know the modeling agency that offered my mom a modeling gig?” said Alicia. We all nodded in reply.

“Which she refused,” I added.

“Well,” continued Alicia “She suggested I model instead!” I let out a faint gasp, and so did Kristen; Claire let out a dim squeal.

“And she sent them photos of moi,” continued Alicia, pausing for effect, ” And awf-course, they were impressed and offered me a modeling gig!”

“Ehmagawd!” I said, squeezing Alicia’s freshly manicured hand.

“Congratulations!” exclaimed Claire.

“This so requires celebration! First Dylan, then you!” said Kristen.

Actually,” said Alicia, running her fingers through her silky hair, “That’s not a bad idea.”

My pearly smile grew wider, “Not at all.”

The Pretty Committee giggled and burst into laughter occasionally as we exchanged gossip and discussed party details . Eh-veryone in the cafeteria turned around , glaring at us, trying to figure out why we were laughing. Their stares would have been piercing if we weren’t used to it– we learned to embrace it by now.

dividers-1Alicia’s Ralph Lauren shopping bags thudded loudly as she dropped them on the floor as we took our seats in Dr.Juice.

“I remember when we used to come here with Massie,” I recalled. Alicia snickered at the recollection.

“We have to Skype her all about today’s events,” Alica said, adjusting her coral peplum blazer.

“Ah-greed” I nodded, reaching for my iPhone.

“The usual?”

“You know it.”

I went through my notifications as Alicia went to fetch our juices.  One of them was a text from non other than Blake Connor.


I slid my phone back into my Prada as I hit “Send”.

Was it a hint to help me decode the puzzle? I thought.

dividers-1To be continued…


I know, I know, I’ve been breaking my posts into smaller posts way too much lately. I just don’t have the time to fit it all into one post anymore.

Also, yes, this was the continuation of “Wake Up, Bedhead!”

I promise you, there will be a ton of scheming and drama coming up to make up for it.




4 thoughts on “Eyes On Us

  1. Dylan,
    I really love this post! Writing that on your Starbucks cup was adorable. If someone did that to me, even if I didn’t know who did it, my month would be made.
    Congrats to Alicia for the modeling gig!


    1. Avery,
      You do? I’ve had major writer’s block so I sort of forced this out of me. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I promise my next posts will make up for the lack of creativity.
      It was! Haha, I would too. TPC and I came up with a few suspects who could have been behind the Starbucks cup note, although I don’t want to get my hopes up.

  2. Hello, Dylan!
    Ehmagawsh, that’s ah-mazing for Leesh! The Skype chat was sooo much fun! I’ll be seeing you soon! 😉

    Your alpha,
    Massie Block

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