Dear Dyl-ectables

Currently, I am curled up on a comfy silver gray couch, which is strategically placed between the two grand staircases which welcome anyone who takes a step into our foyer.


Today I am not writing to you as Dylan, but as half-Adrian (The person behind this blog. Hi.) and half-Dylan.


Dear Dyl-ectables,

Very few things feel better than receiving a letter from a friend. Very few things feel better that knowing you are valued by someone. Very few things feel better than getting your presence acknowledged.

Wordpress is no different. There are thousands of Dyl-icious bloggers in our community and to build a solid friendship with just a few of them is simply divine.

Sometimes, we are asked to write about those moments and how we felt about them. As you may know, Red Dylan Marvil is a fairly new blog to the Clique WordPress community. I have never, ever had a roleplay blog before. I have gotten super close to the bloggers I collabed with on our real life blog, whom I have known for quite some time. Okay, quite a long time. I’m talking about pre-New-PC-long-time. I knew I was appreciated by them, and I valued each of them greatly, and was sure they felt the same way.


Although I have made friends in the Clique family, but none of those relationships were as strong as those I had. Or so I thought. I e-mailed Mandi (the brilliant blogger behind A Step In My Stilettos ) and asked her if I could use my real life blog for one of the challenges (yep, that’s why I had to write about it) , as I have known the girls for longer, which obviously made the task easier.

She replied, letting me know that yes, I could use my RL blog. Shortly after, she sent another e-mails, saying she’d care a whole lot if I wasn’t on WordPress, and that she considers me to be one of her best friends on WordPress.

It gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling. Yes, it actually exists. It’s not just some overused line in books and movies.

I knew I had made friends, and I knew that they’d care if I left, but, well, I may have been skeptical. Also, I wasn’t sure if the feeling would be mutual. Now, however, I am positive.






4 thoughts on “Dear Dyl-ectables

  1. Hello, RDM!
    That was a great post, and I’m honored to say that you are one of my best friends on WordPress! You always make me smile!


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