Say “Busted”

Currently, I am lightly brushing my fingers against the pages of the scrapbook Claire surprised me (along with the rest of the PC) with. I smile as one particular photo catches my attention. I press my fingertips against the edge of the caption underneath it, which says “Finding out about Dylan’s blog…”. Recollections of that moment start to flood into my head.


dividers-1I slid the arrow on my iPhone screen to unlock it. The rest of The Pretty Commitee (including Massie, who was visiting Westchester at the time) were glued to their iPhones; their hands cradled their phones as their thumbs typed away, sending what seemed like 10 texts per second.

It was the day after I published my first post on RedDylanMarvil, and I was itching to check my notifications. I wanted to tell TPC about my blawggie, but I couldn’t find the perfect moment to do so. The more I waited, the more I couldn’t contain myself.

I gently tapped the Safari icon to check my notifications. I smiled as my eyes scanned the comments. I guess my smile wasn’t as… conspicuous as I though, since Massie caught it quickly. She perked up in her seat; “Oooh, ” she winked, “Who are you talking to?”

“Actually-I-er… no one,” I fumbled.

But, of course, that was an answer Massie rejected to accept. She glanced over my shoulder. I was frozen. There was nothing I could do. Besides, the sooner she finds out, the sooner that burden is lifted off of my shoulders, right? Right?

A frigid feeling washed over me. The heat in my entire body rushed to my face.

I felt like I was pulled over for driving over the speed limit–heck, I felt as if I was just arrested for murder. Either way, I was busted.


Eh,” Massie gasped.

Ma,” Alicia (who was peeking over my other shoulder) continued.

Kristen’s hand pushed my head down. “Gawd.” Her shoulders dropped as she peeked at my screen.

“Uh-Uhy-I was about t–“

AH-MAZING!” Massie squealed as she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me into a tight hug. The heat in my face slowly drained downwards, causing it to distribute evenly around my body.

My pupils dilated as I tilted my head to the side. Massie must have sensed my confusion, since she clarified her comment.

“We can take Westchester in a whole different way now! If each and every one of us makes a blawg, we’d not only be the most envied girls in Westchester, but the most lusted!” she said, enthusiasm ringing in her voice.

And so, each and every one of us made a blawg. It is now our favourite form of bragging. All the privileged GLUs (And LBRs) can finally glimpse into our glamorous lives–lucky you!

Needless to say, I was relieved! I expected their reaction to be a bit more like…




Now, each member of our clique has a fabulous blawg. We talked Cuh-laire into making one once she returned from her visit to Florida.

And once we did, we took Westchester by storm (even more than we did before) ,  just like Massie predicted.





2 thoughts on “Say “Busted”

    1. I got to admit, it wasn’t my idea completely. It is my entry for ASIMS’s contest, and one of the challenges was to write about how everyone reacted when they found out about your blawg. I just carried on from there.

      Thank you so much! I ah-dore yours, too.


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