Touched By Sunshine

Currently, my hair is pulled up into a sleek (yet messy enough)  ponytail. My spring playlist blasts through my iHome, and I try to keep myself from busting an ah-mazing (wink, wink) move. Although it is getting harder by the minute. I eventually give into the preppy tune and impulsively have a dance party for one. I take a deep breath before settling down and continue to type this post.


It’s no secret: I welcome most seasons with open arms. I politely open the door and patiently wait for this season’s hottest trends to walk through. I serve our cook’s finest spring desert (which is usually decorated by vibrant rose petals) to the chattering birds and crisp air. And then, I share the next few months with my closest friends as we blossom into our vibrant colours.

Hello Spring

dividers-1I ♥ Spring Tag

I was tagged my Mandi, the delightful blogger behind ASIMS.

♥What is your favorite spring nail polish?♥

I love creamy, nude nails! It makes me feel freshly spring-cleaned and clarified! I’ve really been hearting JINsoon’s Nostalgia. It has a beautiful glassy finish and is chip-resistant, as well.

♥What is your must-have lip color this spring?♥

Hot pink lips! My current favourite is Smashbox’s Be Legendary Lipstick in Electric Pink! It slides on perfectly, giving you a certain pop of colour, yet still looks barely-there!

♥Show your favorite spring dress!♥

I have fallen for this beauty and can’t get back on my feet. The black is extremely slimming, while the cut-outs advertises the body I worked for all year. The coral chiffon feels so fresh and vibrant! The high-low trim lengthens legs, making them look endless!

♥What’s your favorite flower?♥

Tulips; these hued flowers never fail to get me to bloom into spring. See what I did there? 😉

♥Favorite spring scarf/accessory?♥

This Kate Spade ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ bangle. It pretty much sums up what my spring break was like. *Winks at The Pretty Committee*
It’s more of a statement than anything. I’ve also been charmed by blush-coloured sunglasses!

♥What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)♥

My, oh my! There are so many new trends– I can’t wait to experiment with them all! I am especially excited for pool prints and the nautical trend! I’ve recently clicked with emerald green ( The colour of the year! Am I right, Pantone? ) , considering it’s the colour of my eyes. As for make-up, I have been admiring the fresh-faced look! And, of course, lace never gets old, but I’m ready to experiment.

♥Favorite spring candle?♥

This might seem plain, but I’ll have to go with Bath and Body Works’ Spring candle.

♥Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?♥

DKNY’s Be Delicious Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense. It’s extremely feminine and incredibly fresh!

♥What is spring like where you live?♥

Well, Westchester usually embraces the brisk ( read: almost freezing ) weather around this time of year. It’s still rather breezy, although it is starting to feel a bit more humid.

♥What’s your favorite thing about spring?♥

All the new collections. It basically supports TPC’s favourite past time: SHOPPING!

♥Are you a spring cleaner?♥

Uhm, well, I like to think I am. I guess I am. Maybe not. Probably am, though. Next question?

♥Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?♥

Well, let’s see…co-hosting the party of the season with The Pretty Committee, getting lost in an eternal shopping spree with TPC, and I’ll probably go over my lines for my role in Time the TV show everyone’s been buzzing about. And the rest of my break will be spent laughing out loud with TPC.

I tag..

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I tried to answer these questions as Dylan-like as I could. Let me know what you thought below. *Points to the comments section*

I updated my page, Luxuriate , and added a new page, Donut Cravings. Please take a second to skim through them!





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