Memories In Bloom

Currently, I am curled up on a comfy silver-gray couch, strategically placed between the two grand staircases which welcome anyone who steps into our foyer. I am listening to I Got A Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas, the same song The Pretty Committee danced to after Massie’s inspirational speech.


I wiggled on top of the stool, which was balanced on a step-ladder. I bounced a crepe paper pomander by the string attached to it as I scanned the room for the perfect place to hang it. I leaned forward, hanging the pomander, when I felt the stool quiver. I moved my arms in circles rapidly, fighting to defy gravity. I yelped as I fell off of the stool, sending it across the room. Kristen’s croaky laugh echoed against the walls of the dance studios. I used the step-ladder to pull myself up. “Thanks for the h–”

“Surprise!” sang a familiar voice.

The roll of crepe I was holding fell dramatically, as we all paused to comprehend the reality of the moment. Claire gasped from the other side of the room. Kristen lost her ability to blink. I flashbacked to the text I sent the voice, asking her if she could Skype with us.

MASSIE!” we screeched in one voice. Massie hurried over towards us, her heals click-clacking against the floor. She hugged each of us excitedly — I almost squeezed her to death! It felt like I haven’t seen in her in forever; I don’t think I ever missed anyone half as much as I missed Massie.

Alicia started a conversation with Massie. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they were saying, as I was too busy untangling myself from the roll of crepe paper which attacked me when I hugged the floor. Massie’s perfectly manicured hand helped me walk freely again.

“What would I do without you?” I asked, opening my arms for another hug.

dividers-1I hopped onto the island counter. Trays of forbiddingly delicious  rainbow-frosted cupcakes were sprinkled around Alicia’s kitchen. Claire offered me one of the cupcakes. I shook my head, “Gluten free,” I reminded her. I placed the bowl of frosting on my lap. “I’m good, though,” I added.

I swirled the velvety, chocolate frosting around my finger. My eyes locked with Kristen’s. She knew exactly what I was thinking.

“Oh, n-n-n-n-no!” Kristen said, running around the kitchen and hiding wherever she could. Running? I thought. As if. I shrugged and licked the frosting seductively. Massie nudged me as the now complete Pretty Committee giggled, except for Alicia. She furrowed her eyebrows as she spilled her purse’s contents onto the counter opposite me. Her fingers shoved random objects around. She sighed, rummaging through her empty Ralph Lauren purse.  “Has anyone seen my phone?”

” I haven’t seen it yet,” I shook my head.

“You guys are going to be SO sugar-high for the party,” Claire advised , although her actions sure encouraged otherwise.

“I can’t resist anymore,” I groaned in pain. I shoved a freshly-baked cupcake into my mouth, inhaling its heavenly aura. I shut my eyes as I embraced the fluffy cream cheese frosting. “Mmm,” I mumbled though bites of cupcake, ” I missed you, old buddy.”

“There’s not going to be any left for the party if you keep this up!” Kristen laughed. I frowned at Kristen.

“You’re just jealous because you’re not as happy as we are!” I exclaimed, licking the remaining frosting.

Alicia hung her head backwards. “I still can’t find my phone!” she moaned in agony.

“Well, it’s a good excuse to get an iPhone 5,” said Massie, instantly lightning the mood.
She cleared her throat. “I brought prezzies!” Massie reached into the depths of her bag, pulling out four gorgeously wrapped boxes.

We tore the wrapping paper off in anticipation. I let out a soft gasp. The box had “Tiffany & Co” written on it, although their signature Tiffany blue box gave it away. I opened the box, only to see a beautiful silver infinity ring. ‘Dylan‘ was engraved on the infinity sign. I covered my mouth with my right hand, while my left hand grasped the box, allowing me to examine its beauty. I continued to admire the value of the inscription inside of it, which said TPC: Best Friends For Infinity. I pulled out my iPhone 5 and snapped a picture of the ring. I joined the group hug, which was smothering Massie mercilessly (but lovingly).



The music was pounding against the guests’ eardrums, at the pace of my heartbeat. The dance studio was decked out in gold and silver decorations. The lights were dimmed down slightly and replaced with soft “spotlights” . Colourful, attention-grabbing spotlights marked the makeshift dance floor. The food table, which was dressed in gold, shiny fabric,  ran from corner to corner. The food selection was endless! A red carpet paced from the main entrance to the dance floor. Our metallic crepe pomanders dangled down the ceilings. Soft cream-coloured silk ran down the walls. A few sheets of the same silk were draped down from the ceiling. Needless to say, the studio looked extremely elegant.

I nudged Massie as Blake walked into the room. “That’s him,” I whispered. The room suddenly felt hotter, and I couldn’t help but feel jittery. My pupils were fixed on his every movement and my muscles tensed up. Massie glanced at him, probably analyzing every feature of his. “Cuh-ute!” she finally replied.I ran my fingers through my hair and gave it one final fluff before smiling at Blake; he shifted through the crowd, trying to weave his path to us.

“Hey,” he said once he found his way through the maze of people.

“Hi,” I looked at my designer shoes before remembering Massie’s number 1 rule — be confident! I bit my lip and looked up, straight into Blake’s eyes.

“I’m Massie,” Massie introduced herself confidently.

“Blake Connor,” he smiled at her.

The atmosphere escalated into awkwardness and discomfort. I nodded at Massie. Thankfully, she got the hint and joined Claire on the dance floor.

It didn’t take much to get us to spill everything and crack jokes. My muscles eased instantly; I had no idea what I was so worried about. I didn’t have to worry about how I looked, how I had to act, and I certainly didn’t have to worry about my weight. I never felt more natural around a guy. I grasped my glass of sparkling grape juice from the table and took a sip.

I heard a distant burst, and looked around to find confetti flying directly above Blake and I. I burst into hysterics as a piece of coloured paper landed in his mouth.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s The Kiss started playing loudly, knocking against the walls. My feet were shifting uncontrollably at the beat of the song. Blake tugged my hand softly, and led me to the dance floor. It was the perfect chance for me to show off my best (and some of my wacky) dance moves.


Blake pecked my cheek as we were dancing, at the exact same moment Carly’s voice sang This Kiss is something I can’t resist.


The loud conversations quietened down into soft whispers as Kristen took the stage, and eventually faded into silence.

“So, as a lot of you know, we’re here to celebrate the ah-mazing accomplishments of Alicia and Dylan.  After all, what an amazing way to start spring break, am I right?” Kristen  said. I blew her a kiss. ”But, there’s one more person that we need to celebrate.  Please welcome back, here for a limited time only, Massie Block!”

The room filled with applause as Massie strutted to the stage. Her sparkly attire reflected the spotlights and shimmered dramatically. Her silver heels captured everyone’s attention as she started her speech, which captured everyone’s respect, too. Read it all about it on her blawggie.

The audience hushed; they were (positively) taken aback by Massie’s speech.

“That was so beautiful,” I whispered, loud enough for Alicia and Claire to hear.

Massie gracefully stepped down the stage. The speakers roared again, and so did the guests.

“That was so big of you, Massie. ” I smiled softly. “I hope I’ll be able to follow your steps.”


A familiar song came on.

“Eh,” Massie started.

“Ma,” Alicia gasped.

“Gawd,” I finished.

“This song brings so many memories!” Kristen exclaimed.

“Well, there’s a dance floor for a reason,” Claire laughed. She sounded giddy after spending half the night with Cam.



Read Massie’s version of this post here.

Congratulations to MBPCA, this year’s Lovely Easter Blogger!

I‘d also like to congratulate the fabulous runner-up, Mandi.





11 thoughts on “Memories In Bloom

  1. The ring sound beaut X 10, it was so thoughtful of Massie to get it for you! The party sounds ah-mazing and do I sense a relationship forming with you and Blake?
    Thanks for your comment on my most recent post 🙂
    Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Sounds like you had a great party and omgggg I bet you felt on cloud nine when Blake kissed your cheek!!!

    I was hoping you could go and check out my new blawg I just posted my first post yesterday and would love some feedback. Well thanks so much!


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