Spring Into Revenge

Hello Dylectables. First of all, I’d like start by saying how sorry I am for being MIA. I was off filming my new show, Timeless.


I sit up and rest my back straight against the headboard after hours of tirelessly tossing and turning in bed.

dividers-1I bit my hot pink straw –which was floating in a tall glass cup of orange juice– as I checked the Pretty Committee’s group chat.

Alicia: Found my phone!

Massie: Yayy!

Claire: Happiness!

Kristen: Given 😉

Alicia: No Given… ):

No given? I scrunched my button nose as I bit the straw even harder. That wasn’t an Alicia thing to say. Sad face? I furrowed my eyebrows, almost stitching them together. I tried to suck on the straw, harder and harder each time I was denied the refreshing, citrusy taste of orange juice. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken my frustration out on a straw. I sighed and flicked the straw, knocking it against the opposite side of the glass.


Massie: Meet me at Leesh’s ASAP!

dividers-1A used napkin floated downwards as it joined the sea of crumbled tissues and tears. Alicia’s beautiful face was stained with tear-streaks and the shadow of a missing smile.

“Over a text! A bloody, stupid text!” Alicia blew her nose into a tissue one more time. Massie, Kristen, Claire and I exchanged glances. How could Harry break up with her? They were the lovebirds of Love Treeville! Just the other day they were hitting it off at the party. There was no doubt that Leesh was asking herself the same question over and over again.

“He wasn’t ever worth it, Leesh. There are plenty of guys waiting to make you happy!” Massie gently rubbed Alicia’s back, who buried her head in Massie’s shoulder.

“Besides, being single isn’t that bad. Look at me, for example!” Kristen piped up. Alicia wrinkled her nose and whimpered into a blast of hysterics. “Hey, it isn’t that bad! It’s an opportunity to focus on youthe person most worthy of your time!”

Graceful Princess

“And energy.” I added as I passed Alicia a tub of Pinkberry’s Cherry fro yo. It was what Alicia’s personality would be in flavor-form– light and refreshing; she just had to channel that power.
Alicia reached over to her nightstand, about to seize her phone.

“No!” shrieked Claire, snatching the iPhone away. The last thing Leesh needed was a walk down cutesy-photos-lined memory lane, which seemed to experience some harsh weather, replacing the usual drizzle of ‘I love u <3’s. Claire’s blonde eyebrow knitted together as she examined Alicia’s notifications. She nudged Massie, Kristen and I, who stared at the screen. There was an unknown number who sent Alicia 5 messages, including: Hey babe, You there? , It’s Harry! It would have made sense for Alicia to delete him as a contact and out of her life, but she didn’t. There was another text from “Harry <3” which said, I nvr want 2 see u again.

2 Harrys?  A contact and an unknown number, one looking for Alicia, the other lacking her.

Tears flooded Alicia’s cheeks like a waterfall;she looked so washed out. She sat alone on her bed, covered in goosebumps. The beautiful girl’s transformation was heartbreaking; it was like seeing a patient tucked into a hospital bed.

“Find out what’s going on,” whispered Massie before returning to her seat at the edge of Alicia’s bed. “It’s freezing in here.”

Alicia stabbed he fro yo, releasing all her anger into the tub.

I searched for an excuse to leave the room. “I think I’m going to make some more hot chocolate, then,” I faux-nounced, “Uhm, Cuh-laire, care to help?”

I left the room, with a shut of the door, Claire following me like a clueless puppy.


Give me the phone!” I ordered, snatching Alicia’s phone away from her once we were safely out of earshot. I furrowed my eyebrows.  “You know, Cuh-laire,” I grimaced in disgust, ” I think we’ve got an impersonator on our hands.”

What?” Claire’s blonde hair bounced as she jolted in surprise. “Who?”

I snatched Claire’s phone away this time. “I don’t know. Call ‘Harry’.” I hit call and threw the phone at its rightful owner. “Catch! Don’t let him know who we are!”

What? Why me?” She threw the phone back at me.

“You were in Dial A For Loser!”

“So? You’re in Timeless now!”

We threw the phone back and forth between us like cartoons tossing a hot potato.

Hello?” a feminine voice echoed from the phone. Claire shook her head in fear, as if she was shaking the thought out of her head. Freaking out, I answered.

“Uhm. Hello dear!” I put on my best old-lady impression.

“Who is this?” I could feel the voice at the other end raising her eyebrows.

“It’s yo nana, silly! Didn’t forget about your nana, did you?” I stretched out every other syllable, and slowed down my voice to the pace of “Nana” ‘s walk.

“Oh, hi, Nana!”


“Huh? Nana, it’s Charity!”

“Oooh, Charity, dear! I’m getting old. Well, goodbye, dear, tell your mama I say hi! I have to go take my…meds!” I hung up and breathed out everything I truly wanted to say to Charity.

“Charity my Assai watch! How uncharitable!” I desperately wished I had a flip phone, so I could angrily end the call with a flip of the screen.
Claire retreated into a corner, slowly turning into Courage the Cowardly Dog.

dividers-1WHAT?!” Massie’s pupils dilated and pierced into mine when I announced the news. The result of the patient’s examination. Kristen’s otherwise flexing muscles stiffened. Alicia’s face filled with fire, desperate to burn someone.

Kristen gasped. “So this Charity person–“

“Broke up with…me?” Alicia’s eyes lost their spark once she heard the words leave her mouth. I nodded, unable to say something.

The tension fueled up, scorching each and every one of us.

Alicia’s spark was replaced by burning tinder.

“This means revenge.”




I am so, so, so sorry for not posting! I will be getting back on track soon! I meant to post this ages ago!

I will be explaining everything on my RL blog, which I will hopefully revive soon, as well.

I‘ve been meaning to post this in April, but I wasn’t able to since I’ve been on hiatus. Because of this, this post and the following post (ie the second part of this post) are set during the spring. However, after that, I will fast-forward to whatever the current time wold be (:

Also, I will be traveling on the 10th (?) so forgive me if my next post takes a while.




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