Bees Sting

I walk out of the shower, snuggled in my favourite plush bath robe as water droplets slide down my leg. I tip-tap towards my fuzzy slippers, a few steps away from my en-suite bathroom. The heavenly scent of Lush’s Sweetie Pie trails behind me.


For a typical student, the first lunch bell would mean finally satisfying your cravings with low-carb, nutritious pickings after snoozing through colourless classes. But for the PC, it meant revenge. After flipping through yearbooks, we knew exactly who our target was. Charity Rose. An LBR in our grade that we never knew existed before. Apparently, she’d been following the five of us on social media for quite a while.

We glanced at Massie, who agreed to meet us at school. She slithered towards us, careful not to be seen. Even though everyone knew Massie was visiting the US of A, no one had expected to see her at school–other than the PC, of course. We weren’t sure how Massie felt about this whole Revenge plan, considering her speech about changing to a better, more mature person, which rubbed off on all of us. However, we all agreed that we needed vengance–after all, no bad deed goes unpunished 😉 Although we did tone it down a bit, compared to our previous devious plans derived by a sweet tooth for revenge. (Remember the Nina incident?)

“Ready?” Massie muttered as she joined the rest of the PC.

“Mhmm” Alicia hissed from the corner of her mouth as we all marked our target with our eyes. After a trip to the grocery store, a brief search for the most intense food dye and reviewing our plan several times, we were ready. It was quite simple, really.

Charity walked into the cafeteria, practically dropping her tray on the shiny lunch table. She squatted onto her chair, and we waited. And waited. And waited.

She gulped down her smoothie.


One of Charlotte’s (errr, Charity’s) fellow EW grabbed a chair next to her. Charity flashed her a smile–the kind that would glow in the dark. Mostly due to the fact that her teeth were coated with an eerie shade of green, thanks to the few drops (or possible spoonfuls 😉 ) of green food dye that we may have added to her banana blend. Oops.

“Ehmagawd!” Alicia blurt-cackled! Liquid satisfaction began streaming down our faces as we laughed our way to rock-hard abs.

“Run!” Kristen squeaked as we left the crime scene ASAP, wiping our tears away.

dividers-1I fell back into my chair, shutting my eyes as laughter invaded my vision. I could feel my muffin top melting away. This, combined with going gluten-free, would give the ultimate result.

“Hello?” Massie held up a finger as she pressed her phone against her ear. “Oh, hi, Daddy–WHAT?”

We all stared at her, slightly worried. It was as if our laughter was trapped in a silence chamber.

“We might be moving back to Westchester?” A relieved grin spread across her face.

dividers-1After telling my pre-summer tale, I indulge in Harrods’ Winter Blend Green Tea, which I got on my trip to London this summer, accompanied by Massie and the rest of the PC. Hey, it’s never too late to embrace fall’s blessings.


Phew! My posts can finally be set in current-time again! In case you couldn’t tell, this was set before summer break. I had some catching up to do after my hiatus, so that’s why the timing is kind of confusing/slightly off.

Also, I’m hoping to get back to posting on a weekly–or at least bi-weekly–schedule. Same goes for my RL blog.

This post was significantly shorter than my last few posts, no? It’s probably the fastest post I ever wrote on RDM. I managed to finish it in under an hour and still be quite happy with it haha =)

Also, I’m thinking of renaming the Notes section into my Scribbles section. Thoughts?

Oh, and, pretty please, if you catch me on AIM (saying that reminds me of my MSN days, years ago, haha.Good times, yeah?) , nag me until I update my Luxuriate and Donut Cravings page. Yes? Yes. Thanks.

As you may know, Mandi, AKA ASIMS / TAIE , who was the Alpha of my PC, has left WordPress, and deactived her Massie RP blog, which means that I’m open to new Cliques.

Mandi, if you’re reading this, I miss you dearly and thank you so, so much for everything. I can never thank you enough. Hope we can staying in touch x




5 thoughts on “Bees Sting

  1. RDM,
    Nice revenge. 😉
    Even if Massie speech was super mature, Charity posing as Harry couldn’t go unpunished!
    Scribbles section is so cute; I like the alliteration. Also, I’ll hunt you down on AIM and tell you to update the pages the next chance I get, aha.
    I agree, Mandi was an ah-mazing blogger and it’s sad that she’ll be leaving.
    However, my Pretty Committee is GlitterMassieBlock’s and we’re looking for a Dylan. Maybe you could think about applying? (:


    1. Hello, KKK,
      I comp-uhletely agree! It was so low of her, and we couldn’t let such an act go unpunished, now could we? 😉
      Thanks for your feedback! Haha, I appreciate that :’)
      Again, agree! But at the same time, she’s so talented, I can’t wait what’s next for her.
      Thanks for the heads up! I actually already applied!


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