Unlike An Egg

I can’t stop sniffing my soft,Crème Brûlée-scented skin, courtesy of Laura Mercier’s Honey Bath.

dividers-1I tapped my flawlessly manicured nails against the desk as Detective Burns tried to squeeze a confession out of me.

“I have no knowledge of it.” I said flatly, avoiding any direct eye contact.

“So, you expect me to believe that a student’s teeth haphazardly changed colour?” Principal Burns’ investigated.

I gulped. I felt like I was on an episode of PLL. Someone had tipped the cops, and I had to put on my prettiest smile and tell a little lie. Although, to be honest, trying to suppress my laughter was much harder.

I was the last one to leave the cafeteria after balancing the score between Charity and the PC, and apparently, quite a few students witnessed us leaving in laughter, thus making us seem suspicious.

“Uhm, you might want to check the school’s health & regulations policy,” I unintentionally blurted out, trying my hardest to hide my smirk.Principal Burns’ beady eyes stabbed right through me. It’s creepy how bird-like she is, I thought. I imagined her flying downwards out of nowhere, pecking me with her hooked nose before shooting upwards, with me hanging between her claws, like her dinner of prey. The image sent chills up my spine.

After laying her hawk eyes on me for a few silent minutes (which I spent shifting my vision from floor to ceiling) , she opened her mouth. “Off you go, Marvil.”

I looked at her for a split second with innocent eyes before solemnly standing up, and marched stiffly towards the exit.


It was Kristen’s turn. During a brief PC meeting (which was interrupted by Principal Burns calling us, one-by-one, to her office), we settled on pretending to be oblivious to Charity’s pre-Halloween costume and pleading innocent. I crossed my fingers as Kris walked in. After her, was Claire, whom I was really worried about. She was a great actress–no doubt, but she’s also a lot more. She was the purest of the five of us, and who knew when her morals would overpower her loyalty. Please don’t crack.

dividers-1Massie, Alicia, Kristen and I waited outside Principal Burns’s office, waiting for the rating of our final act. Claire finally came out after what felt like a dry century. Her face was blank, and her shoulders were completely frozen in a shrug.


“You may be dismissed.” Principal Burns announced.

dividers-1Ehmagawd. I still can nawt buh-lieve we got away with it.

dividers-1Scribbles Section

I meant to post this days ago, but alas, I have been struck by the infamous flu. And because the flu is such a generous being, she makes sure to give you her all, including flooding your eyes/nose/everything else, and her personal favourite — disorientation. So, I do apologies if this doesn’t touch my usual post-standards. Hopefully, my next post will make up for it.

Also, expect a new makeover with lots of cuddly-elements! Oooooh!

Oh, and I updated the Luxuriate and Donut Cravings  pages! Please make sure to check them out. :*



One thought on “Unlike An Egg

  1. RDM,
    Haha that’s awesome that Miss Burns let you go without making you take the blame for anything.
    Btw, you’ve been accepted into my PC! Feel free to make PC of some sort with all of our blogs on it! :]

    xox GMB

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