Currently, I am sitting in a pile of spring/summer clothing after finally cleaning out my endless closet.



I rolled onto the other side of my plush bed, slamming my alarm clock shut. They say that the first person you think of when you wake up is either the cause of your happiness or suffering. Well, today, one particular face kept flashing in my mind: Blake Connor. We had drifted apart over the summer after months of being flirty friends, and I had spent the night DTR-ing myself to sleep alone. I sighed and flung myself out of bed, re-considering TPC’s advice–Let it be. Maybe I should move on, I thought, see what the day brings. A possible sign, maybe.


Dylan Marvil to Set 3!”

I rushed over to Set 3 as fast as I could without ruining the product of hours in the costume and hair & makeup departments. I texted TPC a quick “GTG” as I hopped into position (just behind a tattered, vintage couch), dropping my phone with an embarrassingly loud thud. I decided to ignore it, act casual, and continue professionally. I took a deep breath and exhaled back into character.

Aaandd Action!”

As well as I  know how much you’re all dying to hear about the Timeless midseason finale, some secrets have to be kept. 😉

dividers-1That’s a wrap everyone!” announced the director, followed by several ‘Good Work, Everyone‘s and ‘See you tomorrow’s. After a round of circling the set for my phone, I sighed and walked over to the snack table (What?) , only to be met by a total HART ( Hot, Alpha, Rich, Toned). Imagine a young Chace Crawford with subtle stubble, and liquifying hazel eyes. I assumed he’s one of the extras.

“Looking for this?” He said in a mellow voice, pulling out my Tory Burch-adorned iPhone.

“Ehamagawd! Where’d you find it?” I asked, comforted by the feeling of the gadget in my hand. I smoothed down my tights (which reminded me of Blair Waldorf) nervously.

“It was lying on the ground, a-and I didn’t want to interrupt your brilliance, so I thought I’d give it back after,” he said with a side-smirk. “I’m Alex, by the way.”

“Dylan Marvil,” I beamed, flashing my professionally whitened teeth.

“I know,” he smiled back –his eyes squinting ever the slightest bit– shaking my hand gently.

How come I never noticed him before?

After exchanging numbers, we had arranged to meet up one afternoon at Ladurée. Just the two of us.

dividers-1If I was looking for a sign, this is it.

dividers-1Scribbles Section

My new face claim is Ebba Zingmark!

Also, please let me know what you think of my current makeover. I’m not really lovin’ it, and I’m thinking about changing it soon.

Oooh, and I found a new PC some time ago, actually! I am proud to say that I am a part of TOQ (Previously known as GMB)’s original PC!



2 thoughts on “Insinuations

  1. RDM,
    Awh, it sounds like Alex is ah-dorable and a total HART.
    I love your new face claim, she’s so perfect for Dylan. (:
    I like your makeover, but I think when a blogger puts up a new makeover they should 100% love it- if you don’t, you can always make another one. 😉

    Kisses, K

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