Blood Red Lipstick

I drop to my knees, playfully begging you not to go after me with torches for posting my Halloween post over a month later.

dividers-1Halloween is the one day of the year where you can be whoever you wish to be. Whether you play princess for a day or die for a night, it sure is a thrill to step in someone else’s shoe–often someone non-existing.

This year, TPC and I went as our royal selves, but with a twist. We were each a modern Disney princess. Alicia went as Jasmine, a perfect match for her exotic features and silky jet black hair. Kristen went as Aurora, as they both shared a love for the outdoors. Darling Claire went as sweet-as-gummies Cinderalla. Massie went as Belle–The Belle of the Ball that is. As for me, I slid into the mermaid tail of non other than Ariel.

As tempted as I was to wear a shell bra (not!), I went with a ruffled purple dress.


What’s Halloween without a mask, a beautifully hand-made one which would hide your identity? A typical one. But typical wouldn’t do. We had to make it a memorable night. A memorable Masquerade-themed Halloween.

“Ready?” asked Massie as we all gave each other a final scan.

“Ready.” The rest of TPC said in unison.

“Masks on.”

As commanded, I secured my teal & gold-embelished mask.

The doors creaked open paranormal-ly. The fog increased. The upbeat music resurrected into a gothic melody. Wolves howled in the background. The five hostesses emerged from the smoke.

Needless to say, our entrance sent chills up our guests’ spines.

We stepped onto the eerie dance floor with cynical smirks plastered onto our faces, ready to twirl into the skilled dancers that Alicia made us seem like.

Before I knew it, the electro-dubstep/rock hybrid slowed down– a warning sign flashing–remind us to find our dates. Considering that Alex and I barely had a conversation that one (faithful) time, I had no choice but to tango with Blake Connor. He seemed a lot less aloof that night. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. Alas, I refused to let my self fall for his charm– after all, magic is but deceiving. To be completely honest, I tried to seem like I was having an undeniably good time (which I sorta did, if my mind wasn’t clouded by my thoughts), but the tension between the two of us made me feel like I was awkwardly shuffling.

I felt someone tug my arm. I turned around to find Kristen standing right behind me.

“Can I steal you for a second?” she asked. I nodded solemnly, allowing myself to be dragged to the patio like a dead body, where Claire, Alicia and Massie awaited us. Claire led us to the entrance gate. Saying that the two girls we found arguing with guards were unwelcomed would be an understatement. Emily and Charlotte eyes shifted from side to side as our glares pierced a hole right through them.

“Why do you have red paint on your dress?” Kristen placed her arm on her hip and cocked her head at Emily, examining her stained, now blood-red dress.

Highly suspicious of the two’s intentions, I squeezed through the crowd to the Block’s security room. I shifted through the many tapes and pressed every button haphazardly until I finally found what I was looking for. Eh. Ma. Gawd. My heart sunk into my stomach as two figures appeared on the screen. Massie’s room. Wait, what were they…are they trashing it? I quickly plugged the white cable hanging from the  system into my iPhone. “Syncing…” it read.

dividers-1I ran towards The Pretty Committee, clutching my iPhone tightly. And I don’t run. I showed them the footage I found, holding up my iPhone. As we all huddled over the screen, I could recognize the two girls by their unfortunate dresses. No one other than Emily and Charlotte would ever wear something like that.

“Has anyone seen Leesh?” Massie squinted, looking around her circle of friends. But Alicia wasn’t the only one to disappear. Somehow, the devilish duo seemed to escape as well.

Suddenly, a high-pitched scream came tearing through the air.

“LEESH?” The remaining four of us yelled as we sprinted through the dark halls.

“HEEEEEEEEELP!” An unmistakable voice came echoing back. We knocked the door open (oh, so it wasn’t locked…) to find a brunette blindfolded, as if beauty were a crime.

“Leesh! What happened?” We asked in unison as we helped her out of the blindfold.

Her mouth agape and chest rising in heavy breaths, Alicia told us everything.

I had no idea how I was going to fall asleep that night.

dividers-1Be careful, ladies, you never know who could be hiding behind that mask.


Scribbles Section

Oopsy doopsy. Another unintentional hiatus. Hopefully, I will make up for it soon. I have quite a makeover planned.

Yes, I am posting a Halloween post in December. I just really wanted to post a Halloween post, so I did. Hey, better late than never, right?




One thought on “Blood Red Lipstick

  1. RDM,
    I like your Christmas makeover!
    Anyways, going as Ariel is a really good idea- heart it!
    Wow, that was one eventful night. I think Charlotte and Emily should definitely be punished. Also, what happened to Alicia was awful. 😦

    xo, AR

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