‘Tis The Season To Be Freezin’

I pull up my suede-trip cashmere Ralph Lauren Home blanket (curtsey of Alicia) , wrapping it around myself tightly. My fingers continue clicking the keyboard as I bundle up in my Burrito-like position.

dividers-1Christmas Morning

I rose out of bed excitedly at four AM. I jumped out of bed energetically, throwing my legs over one side of the bed and my duvet over the other–*insert CD screech here*

Yeah, right. More like…

“Wake up!” Jamie screeched, hitting my head repeatedly with a silk-adorned pillow.

“Do you have to wake me up like that?” I moaned.

“It’s Cuh-ris-muuuuuuuuuuhs!” sing-songed Ryan as she shimmied towards the window, pulling my curtains open, revealing a blanket of snow, covering everything that used to be in sight. Her long & lean body belonged to the equally beautiful view.

“Nooooo,” I squinted as the sun burned through my vampire-y nature.”It’s freezing!” I mumbled.

I suddenly jolted up, remembering the mugs of hot chocolate and plates of chocolate-chipped cookies which would await me downstairs.


Ryan, Jamie and I raced to the living room of our ski lodge,where we would enjoy the rest of our winter break, feeling ridiculously giddy in our matching holiday-themed onesies.

“Ehmagawd,” I whispered to myself as I was wrapped up in a snowstorm with a view of the Swiss Alps, which always looked exceptionally festive on Christmas day.

Prezzies!” Ryan giggle-squealed as she leaped to the pile of gift-wrapped boxes under the ornament-embellished Christmas tree, which we spent the night decorating.

“Slow down, Rudolph.” Jamie sat next to Ryan under the tree, fishing for caviar in the sea of gifts.

I sat cross-legged on the mahogany hardwood floor, nibbling on a cookie the size of my palm. God, I missed you. After a year of crash-dieting and protein shakes, the holidays were a perfect excuse to just… indulge. This is what I wait all year for.

“Morning, ladies,” greeted Mum as she emerged in a Hanro terry robe, with a cup of steaming black coffee in hand, her Santa hat looking strikingly out of place. Her eyes wrinkled ( despite her latest Botox injection ) as they panned over Ryan and Jamie tearing their presents open and paused on me,  a cookie between my hands. Now that all the Marvil ladies were here, the festivities may begin.


As per tradition, the Marvil’s gourmet Christmas dinner stretched across the endless dining table, delivering only the most exquisite of flavors and a year’s worth of calories. It was prepared by Danika, our housekeeper/maid/super-human just before she left to join her family in Poland for Christmas. Thank Gawd Mum didn’t have to cook!

dividers-1Oh well, it’s not a real RDM post if it’s not over a week late, now, is it? Shoutout to my Mum, Merri-Lee Marvil for getting me a Fitbit Aria scale and a Nike Fuelband in rosegold. Thanks, Mum, I got the hint. Happy Holidays.dividers-1



9 thoughts on “‘Tis The Season To Be Freezin’

  1. Hey Dylan,
    This is PostFromKristen and I am part of XOMB’s Pretty Committee. As the spot for Dylan in our group is currently open, I believe that we would love to have you audition as you are a marvelous blogger. I hope you consider!

    -Kristen Gregory

  2. Hiya Dyl!
    Marvilous post & makeover! The ending was so Dylan. I really love your blog and how you own the character so well.

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