Mornings are for Mourning – Part 2

Hi, sweetie” Dad said, his voice coated with Splenda-faux-sweetness.

Talk about rude awakenings.

I opened my mouth, patiently waiting for it to stutter out a few words. “I-I have to go.” Finally. “Massie’s probably waiting for me.”

I awkwardly paced across the room, wrapping my fingers around the doorknob.

“Don’t forget about the family dinner at the country club!” yelled Mum. “Wear something decent this time.”

I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks as I walked out. My mind was blank. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t breathe. How does one react in moments like these? How was I supposed to act? I gulped, lowering my head, desperately trying to shake the thought out of my throbbing head.

“About time,” Massie rolled her eyes, poking her head out of the Range Rover.

I kind of just smiled and dropped myself in. It was that kind of smile that was so forced it kind of hurt your cheeks. I don’t know. It was kind of just… empty.


As soon as my 3×1 skinny jeans scraped the tan leather seats, my phone beeped.

Message from Blake.

“Coffee after school?”

Perhaps mornings aren’t an indications of how the rest of the day will go.


I got another text, this time from Alex.

“Lattes later?”


Alex again.

“Oops– just realised I can’t.”


Well, okay then.


The Little Tea Room was, ironically, not that little.  The shiny parquet made a barely audible thud as my Alice + Olivia heart printed canvas flats shifted across it, towards the shaggy but well-dressed, dark-haired, six foot something guy shaking his left foot.

“I’m glad you came,” was the first thing Blake muttered as he pulled up a chair for me. Ahh, I guess gentlemen still exist after all.

“I’m glad I have something to look forward to.”

Blake furrowed his eyebrows, jerking his head to the right quizzically. “Did I do something?” Even though his voice was sprinkled with concern, with a hint of his sandalwood-y cologne, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, not at all.” I giggled. “It’s um.. it’s my dad. He’s back and… yeah.” Never would I have ever thought that I would have delivered such irksome news in such a cheery tone.

And so I started spilling from all sides, like a punctured garden hose. It certainly wasn’t the conversation starter I expected, but hey– nothing about this day was particularly normal to begin with. It was at this moment that I really realised what a great listener Blake is. We weren’t cracking jokes or fooling around like we usually do. It was probably our first serious moment. I don’t know. I just don’t know about anything anymore.

Once I was done, he started wiggling his foot again. Why was he so nervous when everything had felt so natural to me?

“Dylan, I kind of have something to tell–“

“Will you come to the dinner party with me?”

The corners of his lips curled up, gradually widening into a cheek-lifting, sheepish grin. “I’d love to.”

“So, what was that you were saying?”

“Just that I-I like your flats,” he muttered, blushing. ‘I like your hair. And your eyes. And your everything.’ I wanted to reply. As unusual as it was for a guy to say, I found it ah-dorable.


I chuckled a “thank you”, sipping my Skinny Sweet & Salty Latte, inhaling the heavenly scent. It was good enough to be the new Laura Mercier honey bath. My tastebuds did a pirouette as the caramel popcorn (sans cals) flavoured drink flooded into my mouth. I’m not sure which one made my blood race and heart pound more: Blake or the latte.


Scribbles Section

I gave my blog a makeover! I went for a very retro comic sort of style. What do you guys think?

I actually love this style so much I’m planning to do a similar, but more colourful makeover for my RL blog!

Also, I am now more organised than ever, so expect a lot more posts from me. And, yes, I will be uploading Misfit District soon, as well.




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