Once Upon a Dream

I poke my fork into a bowl of fruit, piercing an apple.


When we were younger, we were told fairytales. We had this idea of Happily Ever Afters etched into our minds, and we carry it with us for the rest of our lives, hoping to find it.

And one day, that day just might come. A diamond-encrusted tiara is placed on our head, lying on top of our golden locks and a throne of whatever it took us to get there.

That day could even be today.

“EH… MA… GAWD!” I squealed in delight, pausing between every word. I’ve done it. In just two weeks.

I’ve lost ten pounds.

I sprung off my scale with joy. The white surface winked at me as the light hit it, congratulating me on a job well done and reminding me of my body’s current state: pure, clean and detoxed. And complimenting me on my new Lancôme Eclat Miracle highlighter.

I hopped down the staircase, humming MIKA’s Popular, my curls bouncing along with my every step.

Popular, I know about popular. 

“Hiii, Daad,” I cheered enthusiastically, my eyes retreating as my smile widened.

“Uhm, hi?” he furrowed his eyebrows, cocking his head. “You’ve got mail.” He shoved an envelope across the table. It was addressed to The Marvil Sisters.

An ivory page was embossed with Oscar de la Renta’s logo. I read the first line with shaky hands.

Oscar de la Renta is pleased to propose Marvil for Oscar.

My hands unclasped in shock. 




I looked at Dad with twinkling eyes. “Where’s Mum?” I perked.

“Oh.” His teeth dug into his bottom lip. “She’s not home.”

What’s the point of running away with your prince if the Evil Queen isn’t there to witness it?

“Where is she?” I looked around, noticing the unusual quiet once my mental singing muted. Ryan and Jamie’s morning wake-up fights were almost… non-existent.  “Where is everyone?”

Dad dropped his head low, his stubbly chin poking at his chest. “Th-they’re at the hospital.”

My eyelids flew open, and my mouth dropped à la The Scream. “What?!”

“Your mum collapsed, and your sisters drove her to see Dr. Whitley.”

My once bouncy curls turned rigid, and my flat stomach felt swollen. I looked at my father as he changed from Dad and back to Daddy Issues. I turned from Dylan Marvil to Maleficent in under a second.

‘Cause you got an awful long way to go


Scribbles Section

Haven’t done a song fic in over a year! Thought it was about time I do another one. Besides, that song has been stuck in my head since 3 am!




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