Squabbles and Waffles

Currently, I am dipping a strawberry in low-fat whipped cream, ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the way the fluffy snow treat swirls perfectly around it. Yum.


Sorry, sorry. I know I’m late!” I apologised as I made my way to the table where my two co-stars and good friends (as of last month…) were seated. My curls bounced and the charms on my Lady Dior bag clanged together with each step I took. “I’m here, I’m here!”

“Geesh, Dyl, you’d think with a watch as shiny as yours, you’d be able to keep track of the time.” Sienna teased, tossing her shiny black hair to one side.

“What?” I glanced at my watch. “Whatever. Time flies, but diamonds are forever.” I shrugged and sat down on the plush, beige chair.

Venus giggled. “She’s just messing with you, we just got here.”

“Crazy girls, we are. I mean, late for food?” I asked in the highest note my voice could hit.

“What happened to your diet?” Sienna asked, a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips.

“It died of loneliness.” I licked my lips, my eyes travelling across the room to the two long buffet tables and omelette/pancakes/waffle bar.

The waiter leaped towards our table in one big step. “Hello, welcome to Lafayette Grand Cafè & Bakery. Would you like any drinks?”  

Venus ordered a detox tea. Sienna ordered a Blueberry Blast. I barely muttered the words “Skinny Iced Latte” before charging to the long buffet table.

I could hear Venus and Sienna’s stilettos stabbing the ground as they followed me, but I was too taken aback by the variety of croissant fillings to slow down for them. I only slow down for Gordon Ramsay. And Karl Lagerfeld. 

I found myself at the omelette/pancakes/waffle bar as I reached the very end of the first table, and I could already tell this will be my new favourite brunch place.

Fast-forward a few minutes later, and the three of us were back at our table. I carefully lowered my plate onto the cream-coloured cloth draped over the table.


I was having quite an intimate moment with my beloved crème pàtissière-filled, fruit-topped waffle, when Sienna broke the silence.


“Hmm?” I managed to mumble through bites.

She shared a hesitant glare with Venus. “How’s your mum?

The sweetness lingering on my tastebuds turned bitter faster than you could say ‘fritter’.

“Oh, uhm,” I set my fork on the side of my plate and grabbed a napkin, setting it on my lap. I wasn’t as worried about the crumbs falling into my lap as I was about having to face Venus’ concerned eyes. “She’s better, but still in hospital. It’s just that, my dad…” I let out a heavy sight and threw my head back, amazed at how drained I felt just at the mention of his name.

“What’s wrong, Dyl?” Sienna reached across the table and gave my hand a supportive squeeze.

“Did something happen?”  Venus’ anxious tone somehow managed to pull the story out of me.

I sighed, preparing myself for what I was about to tell. Normally, I would deny it and convincingly say that I was just calculating the calories on my plate. After all, I am an actress. But something about the presence of these two pulled it out of me.

“It all started this morning.  Ryan and I made Mum a cup of her favourite tea and brought it to the hospital. Jamie was there with my dad. She hasn’t left his side since he came back.

‘Let me take that for you,’ Dad insisted. 

Jamie and Ryan started gossiping over some celeb scandal, and normally, I’d be more than into it, but that moment was anything but normal. I saw my dad, he…” I took a deep breath, struggling to accept that this morning’s events did indeed happen.

And I guess it showed, because Venus gave my other hand an equally supportive squeeze. “What happened?”

I gulped, bracing myself. “I saw him take out a little dropper…” I dug my nails into my thigh. “A-a-nd he..” I dug my nails even deeper, as if the deeper they dug into my thigh, the less my voice would break. “He added a few drops of… something.” I shrugged, but the casual gesture did not hide my chewed-up, flaky lips.

I looked up at the two girls sitting opposite of me and flashed them a weak smile, only to be met by their dilated pupils.

“What do you mean… something?” Sienna asked in a calm voice that clashed with her face expression.

I shrugged, trying to find the right words for it. What do you call a vial of mysterious substance? It wasn’t Juliet’s poison. It wasn’t nightshade extract. It might have been. But did I really know for sure? And what if I was wrong? What if he simply added a few drops of medicine she refused to take? It couldn’t be. Could it? Nah… How do you explain that to someone?

“I.. I don’t know.” I sighed, clasping my hands together. Turns out that there was no correlation between how deep my nails went into my thigh and how often my voice broke.  “All I know is, after the first sip, she started coughing. Her face turned blue. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she–she started having a seizure,” I spilled it all in one breath, wanting to cease reliving that memory.  “I swear, for a second I thought I was trapped in a horror movie.”

“Dyl, are you sure?” Venus asked, her arched eyebrows furrowed in opposite directions.

I kicked my calf with the heel of my shoe, praying that my lip didn’t start quivering. With each tinge of hurt that itched at my chest, I kicked with more force.

“Yes.” I could barely breathe out those three letters.

I slapped my palm against my forehead and slammed my elbow on the table as I struggled to tell the rest of the story, as if my hand was a barrier between me and reality.

“I tried to tell my sisters, but Jaime started screaming and… it was all just a big mess.” I said, my eyelids blinking faster than I could ever keep track of. I could barely catch glimpses of light in the time it took for them to fall again.


A few hours of retail therapy later, my phone screen lit up, Massie’s name flashing. I juggled the result of what was supposed to be a “light” walk down Fifth Avenue down my arm as I fetched my phone from my bag.

I’ve been sending Massie apologies non-stop since last night until she finally forgave me an hour ago, followed by a heart-to-heart that required a visit to the powder room and mascara retouching. We decided that we did not want to be the kinds of friends who drifted apart after high school. I stayed up all night looking at photo albums of us, starting from that New Years Eve we met, and all the way to the last selfie we took. How sad would it have been to look back at those photos in a few years and go damn, I really wish it didn’t end like a camera film.

“Hey Mass!” I perked at the sound of her voice.

“Can you buh-lieve Kristen?” she greeted politely (sarcasm, my Dyl-ectables), her voice raging with, well, rage. And hurt. And I may have sensed a pinch of disappointment. “What happened now?” I rolled my eyes. I was so sick of these two fighting over some guy. No guy was worth it, no matter how gorgeous or funny he might be.

“Ughhh!” she injected her frustration into the phone in a quick series of words that I was unable to keep up with. “Can’t she keep her dirty paws off for once? Wasn’t Dempsey enough for her? Does she think it was so easy for me to watch the two of them together, knowing I’m the reason they’re together in the first place? Does she think I’m just going to stand there and go through that all over again?”

I cringed, moving the phone a few more inches away from my ear as Massie’s voice flooded from the speaker. I just couldn’t believe how fast this happened and how neither of them are trying to stop it. And that’s when a lightbulb flashed in my head. “Hey, Mass?”


“I think you need some girl time. What do you say we meet at Central Park and you can tell me all about it.”

“All right.” 

“See you there,” I smiled and hung up, immediately scrolling through my contacts list until I found Kristen’s name. My fingers hovered over the keyboard, composing the text message.

Me: Hey Kris! Central Park tomorrow? We need to catch up! ( smiley emoji ) ( kiss emoji )

I breathed a sigh of relief. Something about this whole scheming thing seemed to make me feel lighter. It shouldn’t even be called scheming. I’m doing the whole world a favor by sparing them another civil war.

“Yay, you’re smiling! You must really like your shoes.” Venus giggled, looking at the row of bags hanging from my arm.

My phone buzzed again. “I’m sorry, I have to take this.”

“All right. We’ll just meet you at Sephora.” Sienna piped, grabbing Venus by the arm and pulling her towards makeup paradise. 

“Hullo?” I answered, cringing as the memories of this morning’s quarrel flooded back into my red soled (and nails!) -filled mind. 

“Dylan, hey. I need your help,” Ryan whispered.

“What’s wrong? Why are you whispering?”

“I overheard Dad talking to Mum. He wants to take over The Daily Grind.”


Scribbles Section

  • Hey guys! I hope you liked this post! I’m officially back and will start posting regularly again!
  • Exciting news! I found a new PC I absolutely love! You can check my page Society for more info.
  • With a new PC, comes great changes for Dylan. She is now a college freshman, which you’ll see a lot more of in my next post!
  • My new PC had a plot where Massie and Dylan were fighting, and I wanted to incorporate it into this post, so I’m sorry if that part was confusing haha.
  • Our PC is currently looking for an Alicia and a Claire, so let us know if you’re interested!




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