September 18th.

Would you look at that, baby? We’re here again. Listen closely, baby girl. I am about to reveal a story that hasn’t been printed on pages or muttered into the air.


September 18th, 2002. We could barely reach the handle of those great doors when we first stepped into Julliard School. It was unbelievable, how those walls radiated passion. If its wasn’t for Dad’s huge hand caging our tiny palm, we would have stumbled over as the leggy swans in leotards and pointe shoes passed by. In fact, we did stumble over at one point, when we tried to stand like one of the ballerinas. We never really were gracefully. But that’s all right, that little booboo was worth it, because the moment our butt tapped the ground, our eyes flickered and opened, only to be met by a door cracked open. Our hand slipped through the gap between his fingers and we skipped to catch a glimpse of whatever was going on behind those doors. Wrapping our fingers around the edge of the door, we gently tugged it open, enough to get a better view and still hide. And that’s when we saw her. The theatre. A girl dressed in rags. A guy adorned in a suit. Interacting in a way we never saw before. Lights, music, costumes.  And the stage. The stage. It seemed sacred almost. Even when our curiosity got the best of us, drawing us into the room even more, we refused to get too close to the stage, as if it’s magic would drag us into an endless whirlwind of dramanado.

“There you are,” Dad said, picking us up. “I’ve been looking for you.” Apparently, he’s been looking for us for the past couple of hours. I guess we lost track of time as we explored the rest of the drama department. What can we say? Once we mustered up the courage to walk past that one door, we couldn’t stop.


Well, my 5 year old self, here we are again. September 18th, 2014. We’re here. We’re here.

And it smells like home. No mum, no dad, but a whole lot of hope.


Scribbles Section

Ahhhh, new plot, how exciting! Dyl has grown up and is off to college! I hope you liked my little introduction to this new–and hopefully fun–plot.




2 thoughts on “September 18th.

  1. Wow that post is beautiful! The thing about your writing is, it always paints a perfect image in my mind. You are so talented and I just can’t wait to read about Dylan’s adventure in Julliard (Which by the way, I must congratulate her on ;))

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