New York

I stood in front of the full-length Berdorf’s mirror, adjusting the straps of the printed chiffon mini dress i was trying on. I spun around, pulling my hair to the side to get a better view of the low back. A smile curled onto my lips as I tossed the dress into the ‘buy’ pile.

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I walked out the department store with a couple of bags hanging from the crook of my arm. Today was one of those days. The days when you realise it’s summer, and you’re free, and you don’t have to be anywhere. Struck by the sudden realisation, I put my phone away and decide to explore, because, hell, I was in New York. Looking up from the screen, I realised why tourists were so attracted to The City. The skyscrapers, they make you feel so small. Walking down the sidewalk, past rushing strangers, I realised something. New York doesn’t wait for anyone. And I guess that can be equally terrifying and comforting. The thought that no matter how much you screw up, life goes on. But perhaps that comes with a price. The risk that every time you stumble, you’re slightly behind everyone else. And I guess we’re lucky, in the sense that we can all get lost in the crowd, be who you are one day and change the next, because chances are, no one will recognise you anyway.

I retreated into a bookstore I’ve never been to before. I sighed in relief the second I stepped in. The subtle smell of roasted coffee beans and paper intertwined together into a welcoming gesture. This place was gorgeous, to say the least. The bookcases, the door frames, the displays. Everything was so well put together and satisfying. As much as I loved Barnes & Nobles book selection, it wasn’t a place I frequently visited. Something about their interior just isn’t very, well… pleasing. My walk to the starbucks in the corner was interrupted by a display I couldn’t keep my eyes off. A sign which said “Blind Date with a Book” in thick, jet-black calligraphy hovered above a sea of books wrapped in brown paper and twine. The book itself was completely anonymous, with only a few words written in permanent black marker hinting at the plot. I bit my lip, dragging my finger along the top of each book, trying to settle on one to get.

“I suggest this one,” a smooth, warm voice answered. I turned my head, my eyes following the book he was holding in his hand. Sci-fi, comedy, satire and friendship were boldly written on the brown paper.

“Sounds good,” I smiled, turning my face. “Thanks.”

My eyes met his.



It can’t be.

“Surprised to see me?” Blake chuckled, handing me the book.

“Yeah, a little bit, to be honest,” I laughed nervously, my hands tightening around the book for comfort.

He smiled, his eyes crinkling in just the way I remember. “You still have my number, right?”

“Uhm, I’m not sure.” Lie. Yes I do. I tried deleting his number a while after he moved, once the conversations moved past ‘stale’ and into the ‘dead’ zone. But I couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I tried, my thumb kept quivering whenever it neared the delete contact button.

“Well,” he said, taking the book back and scribbling on the back of it, “just in case you don’t.” I tried to smile as he handed it back to me. What was I supposed to do? Thank him?  “Let me know how you like it,” he said.

“I’ll try,” I chuckled awkwardly before shuffling to the checkout.  Was I supposed to say bye? See you later? Pulling my wallet from my Dior purse, I realised I picked a good day to dress up.

Maybe New York isn’t as big as I thought it was, after all. Although big, it is very, very crowded. There’s no where to hide. I guess you’re bound to bump into someone somewhere. Maybe there isn’t safety in numbers.

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy

Scribbles Section

I‘m officially back! I know, I took a pretty long hiatus. I’m sorry. Not blogging was torture. I found myself getting random plot ideas and getting the sudden urge to type up posts and stalk read my favourite blogs but I had to restrain myself. However, the torture was worth it! I’ve gotten my life (partly) back together, and I am better than ever. And who knows? Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder. Speaking off, I will be going on vacation in about a week, but I will try to schedule a few posts by then! 

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy



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