Big Talk

3 am. Can’t sleep. Thinking of moments too precious to lose to dreams.

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy

We’re here,” Blake announced nonchalantly, pulling over to a place that held so many warm memories.

He made me promise that we’d meet up once I came back from the Hampton’s. He promised to surprise me with a destination that would make it worthwhile.

A subtle chill blew across my collarbones as I stepped out of his car– autumn’s pioneer. My eyes glazed over the coffee shop we were walking towards. The coffee shop he took me to on our first date. Our coffee shop. My body seemed to recognise it, too. I could feel my senses prepping themselves for the aromatic cloud that was about to engulf us and the soft grinding of coffee beans.

The interior looked exactly as I remembered it. I welcomed the familiarity with open arms, and it returned the favor. They say that smell is closely linked with memory, and perhaps the caffeinated air bringing me back to 2013 is a good enough testimony. 

We chose the exact same spot we sat at last time. I don’t think we consciously moved there. It was more like gravitating towards a certain color. Like something cozy and kind. Like a soft blanket. Like reaching for your favorite coffee cup in the morning. The sun still spilled through the glass wall and onto the oak table the way it used to, casting a soft spotlight around us.

Blake came back with our orders, a mug in each hand. I took this opportunity to see if he’s still the way I remembered him, too. His hands were. Veins like roadmaps. Skin like chiffon. A little paler than I remembered. Probably the London weather.  His eyes were. Still dark, a glint dancing across them. Like a couple of streetlights at 1 am.

We caught up. He told me about how he’s taking a semester off college to figure things out. I told him about Juliard. He congratulated me. I thanked him. He found out I hated small talk. I found out he hated it too. He asked a hypothetical question. We spent the next hour discussing it.

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy

4 am. Stupid smile on my face. Begin to wonder whether the coffee tasted better than usual because of the good company or good conversation. Maybe both. Phone bings. See it’s from Blake. Reach for it. ‘So would you really rather say everything that comes to mind than never say anything again?’ Reply to it. ‘Only if you’d really rather jump on a cactus than give up burgers’. Even stupider smile on my face. 

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy

Scribbles Section

This post was rather effortless to write and I enjoyed every minute of it! I realize nothing particularly dramatic happened, but I really liked trying out this new tone. Didn’t really plan it out, just sort of happened (as with most of my posts tbh) because, well, I’m the archetypical type B person. Perhaps a calm post like this one is needed. I’ve got quite a few plots in mind, and let’s just say I hope Dyl enjoys the peace while it lasts 😉

Here’s the thing though, I typed this up in the wee hours of the morning and edited at 5 am a couple days later, so I really hope it makes sense to someone other than my energy-drained-but-creatively-charged self.  

Also school starts today for me. Like literally, class starts in an hour but will skip today. I wanna hear about your first day back though. Did you enjoy it? Was it better than you expected? Let me know by commenting.

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy



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