Life Goes On

Dean & DeLuca

2:25 pm

Earth to Dylan!” Layne Abeley shrieked in a pitchy voice, waving her hand frantically in front of my face.

I jolted, my eyes widening, awakening from my trance. “Huh?”. I ignored Layne, my eyes helplessly drifting back to my view, back to the table by the window. Like a staring contest, I couldn’t look awa, even when my eyes started stinging. Alicia Rivera, Olivia Ryan and their 3 faithful minions sat at the PC’s usual table. Their table.

Although the PC had fallen apart a couple years ago–
Bing! I checked the notification, rolling my eyes at the name on the screen: Westchester Grove Prep Gossip, or as Layne liked to refer to her, Westchester’s very own Gossip Girl.


Ex-alpha? Massie wouldn’t come back without letting us know, would she? Sure, it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but a friendship–or rather, history– like ours couldn’t just be ignored. Could it? Maybe it’s not her. It could be Skye Hamilton or someone else. There had to be more ex-alphas in the history of Westchester Grove. Fell from the public’s graces? Excuse me!

I look up, my eyes meeting Alicia’s from across the room, her mouth agape, a perfect “O”, phone in hand.

 I huffed. A few months after Massie left, my sisters and I came out with our own clothing line, and it was absolutely stunning. The sales were great, up until WWD reported that our design team ripped off the collection from an LA based start-up, a secret not even we knew! After the scandal, the only times we ever made the news were when we got bad haircuts or gained weight, with headlines like ‘A Craving for Comfort Food?‘ and ‘Notorious and Nasty‘.

“Boy, she’s a mess,” Layne mumbled, in a trance of her own. I followed her eyes to Claire Lyons. Sweet Claire Lyons who we’d only ever see at lunch. Sweet Claire Lyons who stopped attending class, and started missing school all together. Sweet Claire Lyons who stopped being sweet last summer. Claire walked towards Kr– no, could it be? Claire Lyons and Kristen Gregory… talking? The moment right before you finally blink, when your muscles are forcing your flickering eyelids open and you almost don’t mind losing the contest. The struggle before relief, the storm before the calm.

tumblr_o0xenuUQhV1t2v1avo1_500I sighed, taking out my frustrations on a veggie burger. Stabbing and slicing through the centre, aggressively chewing. The four of us have barely been in the same room since Massie left.

Layne released her lips from an irritated purse. “I hear she’s failing,” she whispered in an attempt at condolance, “Must be asking for study help or something.”

I nodded. At least Kristen hasn’t changed much, as far as I knew. And somehow, I found comfort in that familiarity. 

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy

Dylan’s Room

7:45 pm

I yawned, rubbing an eye lazily. I had been staring at the computer screen for hours now, searching for weight loss tips that were a) effective and b) doable. While befriending Layne helped me stop caring so much about what others think, she says I still have a lot of work to do. She thinks me dieting, something I haven’t done in almost 2 years, is triggered by what WGPG had said about me. I stopped dieting a few months after the scandal broke out, but surprisingly, I am in the best shape that I’ve ever been in. I took all my embarrassment and frustration out in pilates and kickboxing classes, and even after I worked all the negativity out of my body, I still go pretty regularly, because (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) I actually like working out now. It’s empowering. On the days I do miss class, something always feels slightly off, like something’s missing. As for food, I haven’t followed any extreme diet since. I try to eat healthily, and indulge every once in a while without restricting or being too hard on myself. And lo and behold, great results!

Bing! iMessage’s signature tune chimed from my computer.


I set my status to invisible. I was shocked. I thought I might be happy to see Massie, but what if she’s changed like the rest of us? What if she dyed her hair blue, shaved the side of her head and wears Birkenstocks now? It’s probably too cold in England for Birkenstocks. Maybe heels with socks? I sighed, switching back to my diet tips tab. Perhaps WGPG’s status did affect me after all. Not in the way Layne thought it did, but perhaps I thought combining Massie’s return with old habits would turn back time.

Bet Layne still thinks I’m in denial though.

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Scribbles Section

I hope you guys enjoy this new storyline! It takes place 2 years after Massie leaves for England, and as you can tell, the Pretty Committee has changed.

I owe you guys an apology for disappearing, but tada, I am back, and with an amazing Westchester clan: MassieBlockandBean, RevivalofKristenMichelleGregory, XOClaireMadisonLyons and ILovitz!

Thanks to ILovitz for making that Westchester Grove Prep Gossip Facebook post!

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy



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