Westchester Hospital

Room 218

11:00 am

I shook my phone at Ryan, my raised brows begging her to check her texts. What we were about to discuss was NSFM—Not Suitable For Mom—but she was in the same room. Ryan and I spent the night over at Mom’s hospital room because we didn’t want her to be alone. She seemed pretty down lately, so we thought letting her take a jab at our weight all night would make her feel better. Our shift was over an hour ago and Jamie was supposed to take over. An hour later, and she still hasn’t shown up. We didn’t want Mom to worry (stress would only make her condition worse) so we stayed and pretended everything was okay. But time was running out and I needed to beat Westchester traffic and be on set in 15 minutes. Unlike my sister, I like to be punctual—unless it’s for a social event, then I prefer being fashionably late. Like Kendra Block used to tell Massie, “You should honor your commitments.” 


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The Marvil Mansion

The Living Room

8:25 pm

I kicked my Chanel flats off, breathing out the long day’s fatigue. Well done, Dylan, I thought to myself, you were great today. I’ll admit, I’ve always considered myself a couch potato. But ever since I started acting on Timeless, I’ve started enjoying this busier life. The kind of life that you need a planner for. Yes, I, Dylan Marvil, self-proclaimed slob, have gotten myself a planner. It’s surprisingly fulfilling. I pulled out my Kate Spade planner, turned to today’s page and ticked off “shoot Timeless“. What a satisfying feeling. I breathed in relief, realizing I’m free for the rest of the day. 

A subtle creek, followed by the shuffle of soft slippers against the marble floor, echoed through the otherwise empty house. “Hey,” Ryan said, “Long day, huh?”

I looked up at her, barely managing to find the energy to move my neck.”Nah, just sprawled across the couch for fun.”

Ryan chuckled, placing a hand on her hip, “I have neww-wws!”

“You’re getting your nose done again?”

“Haha,” she stuck her tongue out at me. “Do you want to know where Jamie was or not?”

I pretended to think about it. “Uhh… no, not really.” I love teasing my sisters.

“Uh-huh. Trust me, you do…” The tone of her voice changed to a more serious one. “She was with Dad.”


“Not just with D—”

“—Listen, Ryan, I’ve been thinking… maybe we shouldn’t try to stop her. It’ll only drive her away.”

“Yeah yeah yeah but lemme finish!” she dragged the last syllable. “He’s booked her singing lessons.”


Ryan paused for a breath. “Nu-uh!” she said as I opened my mouth to speak, “Wait for it! The lessons are at the exact same times she should be at the hospital with Mom. Eleven to one on Saturdays, seven to eight on Fridays, and six to seven on the other days that her Mom-shift falls on.” I looked at her in silence. “You can talk now.”

“If her Saturday class starts at eleven… why wasn’t she at the hospital at ten?”

Ryan ran her fingers through her hair, sat on an armchair and brought two fingers to her temple.”It takes two hours to get there and another two hours to get back, not counting traffic! Her classes are in the middle of nowhere. Well, they’re still in Westchester, but still pretty far away. I mean, there are at least five different places that offer singing lessons between here and the hospital alone! But apparently Dad brainwashed her into thinking she’s getting the Ivy League of singing lessons or something.”

“Damn,” I bit my lip, processing all of this, “It’s almost like he wants to keep her away…”

“He tried to persuade me into taking singing lessons, too. It’s almost like he’s trying to isolate Mom.”

“He asked me if I wanted acting lessons the other day.”

“What? What’d you say?”

“I told him I’m a professional actor.” We laughed. 

“It’s like he’s trying to keep us all away,” I said once we’ve calmed down.

“Yeah, something fishy is definitely going on here.”

“Can we figure it out tomorrow? I’m tired,” I moaned.

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The Marvil Mansion

Dylan’s Room

10:30 pm

I stepped out of my en-suite bathroom in a plush white robe, hair still dripping. The smell of my green tea scented shower gel filled the room, creating a relaxing atmosphere that begged me to finally sleep. And I was more than happy to comply. I just needed to take care of one more little thing.

I grabbed my phone and started texting Sienna. We’ve booked a special location for a very special episode of Timeless, but I still needed the address.

Me: Hey S! Can you pls send me 2morrow’s location?

Sienna: Sure! 1 sec

Bing! She sent me a screenshot of the address, saved in her iPhone’s Notes. Sounds good, I thought to myself, I know a nearby coffee place that’s great for a pick-me-up. Suddenly, my face stiffened. My eyes found a familiar name on the notification banner that spread across the top of the screenshot. Eh…ma…gawd.

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Scribbles Section

I’m back! This post was surprisingly easy to write. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. Boooyy do I have a lot of trouble coming in Dylan’s way.
I’ve just updated my Donut Cravings and Luxuriate pages, so be sure to take a look at them!

calligraphic_dividers_by_andra04-d4rzraq 2 copy



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