The Pretty Committee 

Once upon a New Year’s Yves, a beautiful friendship was born.

The Alpha


Back after being exiled to England, Massie Block is determined to get her throne back.

The Beta

ok 4

Alicia Rivera hearts the meaning of her life: dancing, scoring gossip points and ruling her kingdom.

The Gamma


It’s a long fall from the top, but Dylan Marvil has regained not only her balance, but confidence too. 

The Delta


The MVP of the OCDH Sirens and blonde bombshell: Kristen Gregory’s brain puts Einstein’s to shame.

The Omega


Once a sweet gummy bear, Claire Lyons is more of a sour skittle now.



Lana Lovitz


New girl Lana Lovitz, style chameleon and singer-songwriter, is more of a stranger to friendship than she is to fame.



11 thoughts on “Society

  1. hey I have a massie blog ( and I’m currently looking for members. I will be exploring the older, college version of Massie and the PC. Message me back if you’re interested!

    1. I actually love how that sounds and thinks it sounds so interesting! I’d love to apply! Thing is, I’m on holiday right now, and I’ll be back on the 18th, so my application might be a little late ): I hope that’s all right.

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